Clean Up

To remove all the objects that the Helm Chart created, we can use Helm delete.

Before we delete it though, we can verify what we have running via the Helm list command:

helm list

You should see output similar to below, which show that mywebserver is installed:

NAME            REVISION        UPDATED                         STATUS          CHART           APP VERSION     
mywebserver     1               Tue Nov 13 19:55:25 2018        DEPLOYED        nginx-1.1.2     1.14.1          

It was a lot of fun; we had some great times sending HTTP back and forth, but now its time to delete this deployment. To delete:

helm delete --purge mywebserver

And you should be met with the output:

release "mywebserver" deleted

kubectl will also demonstrate that our pods and service are no longer available:

kubectl get pods -l app=mywebserver-nginx
kubectl get service mywebserver-nginx -o wide

As would trying to access the service via the web browser via a page reload.

With that, cleanup is complete.