Deploy Fluentd

mkdir ~/environment/fluentd
cd ~/environment/fluentd

Explore the fluentd.yml to see what is being deployed. There is a link at the bottom of this page. The Fluentd log agent configuration is located in the Kubernetes ConfigMap. Fluentd will be deployed as a DaemonSet, i.e. one pod per worker node. In our case, a 3 node cluster is used and so 3 pods will be shown in the output when we deploy.

Update REGION and CLUSTER_NAME environment variables in fluentd.yml as required. They are set to us-west-2 and eksworkshop-eksctl by default.

kubectl apply -f ~/environment/fluentd/fluentd.yml

Watch for all of the pods to change to running status

kubectl get pods -w --namespace=kube-system

We are now ready to check that logs are arriving in CloudWatch Logs

Select the region that is mentioned in fluentd.yml to browse the Cloudwatch Log Group if required.